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After extensive experience in enterprise solutions, iDempiere ERP is the next big thing we have moved into. We now provide implementation services for iDempiere, a fully functional open source application. Having experienced this journey ourselves, we are ready to transform your process, strategies, and your company, with our expertise to understand business process gaps.
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  • Pre-implementation
    • At erp4cloud, we guide you through every dimension of project preparation. With our executive-level leadership and assistance, setting the stage for implementation success gets smooth and easy. By taking the time to plan and prepare, we help you avoid last minute surprises and focus on the right tasks at the right time
  • Implementation
    • Our implementation team brings their experience to guide you from planning to stabilization. Together with a proven framework for establishing clear communication pathways, engaging stakeholders, conducting exhaustive testing, and creating a comprehensive training and support strategy, we offer a suite of implementation resources that is unique in its own way
  • Post Implementation
    • Our team of consultants ensure comprehensive post-implementation support for simple and, or complex deployments. At Triniti, we believe that the real success of any implementation is measured by the sustainability and the short and long term ROI of that solution. We help our clients gain the maximum amount of value out of every solution for a successful production environment
Why Open Source
What is Open Source & How it Can Benefit Your Business
With a compound annual growth rate of 23.65% during the forecast period (2017-2022), the open source code adoption in organizations is expected to increase across all IT segments. The major growth drivers of the market include the accessibility to the source code which enables enterprises to modify the software as per their requirements. It also provides the flexibility and effectiveness in performing tasks at a reduced cost and accelerated time-to-market.
iDempiere ERP Solution
See How iDempiere Stands Against Other ERP Solutions
While selecting software for the organization, business owners often face a difficult choice between open source & other proprietary software. The choice is not always obvious, as each of these software has its particularities with a mix of advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look and see how iDempiere compares with other proprietary/ TIER 1 ERPs.
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