Triniti iDempiere ERP services
Our Services
From pre-implementation planning through post-implementation maintenance and enhancements, Triniti's approach has always been towards providing solution enablement


1. Business Analysis
2. Requirement Gathering
3. Scoping and Planning

Your buying process should be customer-centric and not software-centric. Our experts provide successful technology implementation services. Inquire at no risk or obligation and discover what we can do for your organization.


1. Design
2. Develop
3. Launch

Successful implementations are a result of proper balance between planning, scheduling, cost, and quality. Capable consultants utilizing effective processes and cutting-edge technology, all lend to setting a proper plan for high quality results.

Post Implementation

1. Production Support
2. Enhancements
3. Review & Maintenance

Improve and maintain the health of your technology with post-implementation support, enhancement, and diagnostics. Our highly specialized expert knowledge and tools ensure good health and vitality of your business.

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Triniti Value Add

Why Choose Us?

  • Our People
    • At Triniti, we work to ensure our consultants are fulfilled so our customers can reap the benefits with our proficient team producing high-quality solution. When you work with us, you would immediately notice a certain detail-oriented, collaborative work ethic, that reflects the Triniti DNA. With an average attrition rate of less than 6%, the core philosophy of Triniti becomes abundantly clear - satisfied consultants enabling satisfied clients to achieve their goals. With a strong focus on people, Triniti understands that the success of one elevates the success of all.
  • Our Practices
    • Triniti has spared no expense to acquire the best and brightest resources. We recruit top talent and invest in mentor-ship to ensure consultants are excessively capable and technologically updated. We also offer customized Triniti brand software products that streamline the implementation process, utilizing our own proven technology to benefit your implementations. In addition, our consultants have a high understanding of when to introduce technologies to your business, whether long-standing and proven or cutting-edge game-changers, maximising the realized benefits from the implementation.
  • Our Processes
    • Experience our outcome-oriented and SLA based delivery process for implementation, support and enhancements with a 100% budget and quality assurance. We are highly experienced in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies of software development. These standards help ensure better alignment and more predictable outcomes. The secret to our success, however, is the unique process we have specially developed to measure the performance. A high degree of automation enables our SLAs to be objective and measurable and helps achieve equilibrium of schedule, cost, and quality. We are extremely confident that our performance process will yield the desired results. If anytime we are not meeting or exceeding expectations, we will exhaust all resources to find the right solutions.