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With decades of enterprise consulting experience, we understand your business needs. Grow your organization rapidly with Triniti’s open source ERP software iDempiere, best suited for micro, small and medium enterprises

iDempiere by Triniti – An Emerging Leader in ERP Space

Triniti with its prominent expertise and experience in implementing open source based ERP systems help organizations in defining and integrating solutions in line with their business goals across industry verticals. Since 2016, we have been designing and building an end to end iDempiere ERP solutions. iDempiere by Triniti has been successfully implemented for customers such as Bion, Chime, gobhaarati, Integrated Software Services, to name a few.

iDempiere maintains a complete Audit Trail of business transactions, making it compliant with the new provision to Company (Accounts) Rules 2014 on the accounting software for companies’ books of account, effective April 1st, 2021

Why choose Triniti for ERP Implementation?
ERP implementation is always a business-critical application in every organization and any mishap in the same could lead to great business losses in terms of money, time, and resource. There has been analysis that many bigger organizations have moved down because of the wrong choice done both in the ERP software and the implementation partner. With decades of enterprise and business consulting knowledge, we understand your needs and bring the right ERP solution for your organization.

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erp4cloud – iDempiere by Triniti
Now let’s put some light on a fully functional open source ERP software that we’ve been providing to our customers to level up their game – iDempiere, an ERP best suited for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
Do you also face similar challenges in your organization?
— Have an outgrown accounting software, but cannot afford industry-leading ERP software?
— Looking for a functionally rich ERP software backed by a trustworthy partner?
— Cost of running the business on ERP over-weigh process-streamlining and visibility offered by ERP?

Our Value Add
Triniti helps to overcome this dilemma by implementing iDempiere—an Open Source ERP (read why open source) that is fully functional, cost-effective, and faster-to-adopt. With more than 2 decades of experience in implementing enterprise applications, we map your processes in the best interest of your business. Any gaps, be it in reporting or business process mapping, will be addressed either by bolt-on tools or in-house developed enhancements. Leveraging eWorksheets, Triniti’s in-house business reporting tool, all custom reports and third-party documents such as Purchase Orders and Invoices can be sent/printed out of iDempiere.

Triniti’s iDempiere Benefits
     1.  We offer enterprise solutions using iDempiere as a managed platform. Thus, there is no need for an in-house team for application maintenance
2.  The solution is offered in pay-as-you-go-model, similar to Cloud Apps offering
3. Our team comprises trained consultants for a smooth transition of business operations using the new system
4.  No additional licensing requirement for bolt-on tools and features developed around the iDempiere solution
5.  With extensive experience on iDempiere, Triniti understands all the key bottlenecks and addresses them proactively
6.  Along with Triniti’s BI reporting framework, standard transactional reports are also enabled as part of the solution offering
7.  Complemented by the in-house Product Development team, we provide a quick turn-around for product bugs and  enhancements
8.  With pre-built checklists and data conversion templates, the transition to a new system would be a matter of weeks rather than months
9.  Enhanced support during period closures and legal compliance activities—such as GST filings, TDS related activities, and so on

Need Additional Details About iDempiere
iDempiere Compared with Other ERP Systems
Feature / Aspect iDempiere Tier-1 ERP
Licensing Model No licensing due to open source. Any number of users can be added User-based/ transaction volume based /computing power based licensing model
Extent of Functionality Core business processes such as “Procure to pay”, “Order to cash”, “Inventory”, “Manufacturing”, “Quality”, “Planning”, “HRMS”, “Payroll”, “Finance/ Accounting”, “CRM” & so on are suppported by iDempiere With evolution over the decades, they have extensive functionality across various business functions apart from core business areas such as EAM, PLM, Shop Floor Management, Demand Planning, etc.
Total Cost of Ownership Capital costs are incurred only for IT infrastructure (not for license) if deployed on-premise. Also, can be deployed on the cloud so that there would not be any capital expenses and all would be OPEX. The software does not demand high-end computation power nodes. No need to pay the fee annually for product upgrade patches High capital expenses, if deployed on-premise, as license fee would add to the IT Infrastructure costs. If deployed on the cloud, vendors would charge by user/transaction volume/computation power
Technology Used (Proprietary/Open Source) Developed using open source technologies such as Java and PostgreSQL. Due to open source database PostgreSQL, any number of custom schemas can be added Developed using proprietary technologies & databases. Any extension to the databases is restricted by licensing model
Partner Network for Support The partner network is not extensive but there are dedicated partners available in all the major cities across the globe An extensive partner network is available as these vendors have been building the network for many years
Deployment Mechanism (On-premise/Cloud) Can be deployed on-premise or as Software-as-a-Service model. SaaS services are provided by Triniti Both flavors are available–On-premise as well as the cloud. However, the SaaS model is still maturing as there are a lot of limitations in terms of customization
Analysis & Reporting Basic in-built reporting functionality. Extended reporting functionality is provided by Triniti’s eWorksheets Apart from the in-built reporting, additional BI & analytical reports can be built using the proprietary tools licensed along with the enterprise application
Integrations with Third-Party Applications Easy to build integrations with any third-party software, as it has in-built APIs and interfaces Integrations can be built with any third-party applications but an extensive effort would be required for building the integrations
Supporting Business Growth No additional cost as the business grows. Any number of users can be added along with additional organizations, legal entities, inventory organizations, and so on New licenses have to be procured as the business grows
Support & Maintenance No need to maintain an internal IT support team from a functional standpoint. Also, no high-skilled manpower is required for infrastructure maintenance. The annual support fee is only for enhancements and day to day functional support. All critical upgrade patches (functional or security related) can be downloaded and applied High-skilled Database and Application administrators are required for application maintenance while experienced technical and functional consultants are required for day-to-day support and enhancements. To be able to download all critical patches, an application support fee needs to paid to the vendor annually
Feature / Aspect iDempiere Other Financial ERP
Access Controls A complex role-based access control matrix can be implemented. Administrator & technical staff access to sensitive business data can be restricted User-based access controls. Administrator & technical staff access cannot be restricted
Data Integrity — Deletion of Transactions Transactions can only be reversed & not deleted; therefore maintaining the transaction trail & history Without leaving a trace, transactions can be deleted from the application
Restrictions based on Period or Financial Year The system facilitates implementing restrictions based on past period or financial year so that no back-dated transactions can be entered by users Restrictions based on past period or financial year are very basic in nature and post-dated transactions can be entered easily
Support Eco-system Apart from dedicated partners, supported by a strong community of open source evangelists with brilliant technical/domain expertise Supported mostly by hardware vendors with limited functional and technical expertise
Cost of Ownership No license fee due to open-source software. All upgrade patches can be downloaded without having to pay any fee. The initial cost is only for implementation and deployment Upfront license fee along with annual maintenance fee for support. All upgrades have to be paid for
Customization/ Enhancements Easily customizations/ enhancements due to open source Customization/ enhancement is possible only by selected partners using a separate Developer Edition tool
Integration with third-party Applications Provides standard APIs to integrate with any third-party applications such as HRMS, CRM, Point of Sales, etc. Flat-file based manual integration can be built using proprietary programming only
Key Differentiator and USP Designed and built to standardize enterprise-wide business processes and enhance efficiency in management control and decision making Designed for ease of operations for clerical and finance staff. As controls are not up to the mark, transaction entry is typically done to suit statutory filings
Application Architecture Based on industry-standard modern 3-tier architecture. Deployed on Apache web server and supports leading DBMSs, which can handle a large volume of transactions/ data size. Application and database servers can be separately installed Based on a proprietary single-tier architecture that has limitations in scalability as the organization’s business grows. Application and database servers cannot be separate
Operating Environment Can be installed on Linux as well as Windows-based environments and the application can be accessed through any browser Supports only Windows-based servers and workstations
Flexibility in Deployment Can be deployed on-premise or cloud as per the choice without any restrictions Client organizations are not at liberty to deploy on cloud platforms of their choice. Cloud access has to be obtained from vendor only