iDempiere ERP – Modern, Scalable, Affordable & Adaptable Open Source ERP for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Triniti has been implementing enterprise applications across industries for more than two decades now. Leveraging it’s rich business and technical expertise acquired over several global Tier-1 ERP implementations, Triniti has come up with a license-free, fully functional ERP offering for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution is built on open source technologies to help organizations implement an integrated IT system, roll out an efficient compliance and reporting mechanism, and thereby minimizing costs of operation. Organizations can derive the same benefits reaped by Fortune 500 out of Tier-1 ERPs at fractional costs by streamlining their Procurement, Manufacturing, Shipping, CRM, HR, Payroll, and Financial Processes in a single integrated system. Also, Organizations can comply with GST and TDS hassle-free.  

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Why Adopt iDempiere, Open Source ERP
1.   Open source ERP is now mature and accommodates most of the critical business processes
2.   Enterprise-grade ERP system with global-ready features
3.  100% open source technology stack ensures less cost of ownership as customers do not need to pay for upfront license cost and annual maintenance cost of the software
4.   Facilitates businesses to design their own report formats
5.  Robust platform with open & extensible architecture
6.  Customize without programming
7.   Higher successful rate of implementation
8.  Capability to easily integrate with other third-party applications through web services/ APIs

iDempiere: Fully Functional and Integrated ERP
–> Procurement Management
–> Supply Chain Management
–> Inventory Management
–> Customer Relationship Management
–> Financial Management
–> Project Management

Our Consulting Empowered by In-house Product Development
With extensive experience in product development, Triniti has been providing out of box consulting solutions. Our reporting tool eWorksheets is bundled along with iDempiere and offered as a standard reporting solution at no additional cost to the customer.


eWorksheets Capabilities
1.  Can be configured either as a report (retrieves only data from ERP) or an editable sheet that allows updates on the data in a relational database
2.  Can be configured to manage any internal business process that needs action/response from different stakeholders as data flows across business teams
3.  Can be used to print third-party facing reports – such as Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgment, Customer Balances, and so on
4.  Excel look-alike with DB integrity
5.  Centralized repository, ability to import and export, real-time data with audit and email

Triniti Differentiators
–> Can easily integrate iDempiere ERP with any of the existing accounting systems like Tally, Focus, et al
–> Standard business processes can be rolled out within a quarter using Triniti’s rapid implementation methodology
–> Brings in 2 decades ERP implementation knowledge across industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, EPC, IT, Retail, etc.
–> Bridging the gaps – be they in reporting or business process mapping— is addressed by our in-house enhancements
–> Using Triniti’s eWorksheets, all third-party facing formats such as PO, sales order and invoices, etc. can be printed directly out of iDempiere